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Mining ropes

Our delivery programme

Our know-how and expertise in the production of wire ropes go back more than one century. Our employees are constantly developing this knowledge so that we can provide ropes of the highest quality that comply with the most stringent safety requirements. Our products are used all over the world, in all types of climate and situations. Our name stands for quality and reliability.

Shaft Sinking

  • rotation resistant and non-rotating stage ropes
  • flat hoist ropes
  • clamshell ropes
  • guide ropes
  • direction survey ropes

Underground Mining acc. EN 12385-6

  • Koepe/friction hoisting ropes
  • drum hoist ropes
  • flat hoist ropes
  • flat balance ropes
  • round balance ropes
  • hauling ropes for monorail conveyors

Open Cast Mining

  • ropes for bucket wheel excavators
  • ropes for draglines
  • ropes for shovel loaders 

Oilfield Industry

  • drilling ropes acc. to API Spec. 9A and DIN 5881
  • swab and bailing lines
  • winch ropes
  • percussion drilling lines
  • air winch lines
  • logging lines and wires