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Maintenance & Diagnosis

Maintenance-Lubrication for Elevator Ropes


DRAKO-elevator ropes are lubricated during manufacture to reduce corrosion and abrasion.

But the applied quantity of lubricant is only sufficient enough to prevent elevators with a sharply calculated traction capability from slip. As dust and abrasion diminish the lubricant this first lubrication will only in rare cases be efficient during the whole period of installation.


So DRAKO recommend to relubricate elevator ropes periodically during service. Relubrication is not necessary as long as a finger wiped in a sheave groove shows a faint smudge and gives a slightly oily feeling. Relubrication can be done by spray-cans or by an oilcan, together with a paint-brush or something similar. For traction drives, only small quantities may be applied. Then the elevator should be run up and down the whole distance several times. The slipping characteristics are to be observed during this action. If necessary more lubricant can be applied. The lubricant should have low viscosity and good penetrating properties to lubricate also the inner parts of the rope.


DRAKO rope lubricants

For this purpose we recommend the DRAKO special rope lubricants DRAKO-LUBE or DRAKO-SOL, which are compatible with the basic lubrication.


DRAKO-OUTDOOR as a further alternative has proven to be very worthwile in outdoor applications. It is similar like a paste and becomes liquid in process.


DRAKO-LUBE and DRAKO-SOL are of low viscosity and transparent. These lubricants are thus able to penetrate even the loaded rope. During standstills, the lubricant will creep back into the gaps between wires, from where it is expelled during operation.


DRAKO-FLUID SF, our third recommended elevator rope lubricant is solvent free and thus f. i. suitable for use in automatic lubrication equipment.


  • The currently available automatic lubricaters may only be used at a specific elevator for a limited period of time to prevent excess lubrication and the related risk of rope slip.
  • Excessively lubricated ropes can be degreased with our special DRAKO-FLORIDEAL rope degreasing powder, which is chemically neutral.