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Governor Ropes

DRAKO 6 x 19 / 8 x 19 –
DRAKO 300 T and 300 TX


Special ropes for overspeed governor (governor ropes)

Overspeed Governor

These ropes are an essential functional element of the speed limitation ­process and the safety gear. Since the transmission of energy usually ­proceeds via friction, the lubrication of the governor rope needs to be dosed exactly. Following the introduction of safety gear also effective in ascent rides, governor ropes with greater breaking strength became more ­necessary and this was achieved by a wider rope diameter, by a higher rope grade and a full-steel rope design.

The fibre core of the DRAKO governor ropes is made of synthetic fibres. This leads to optimal diameter stability for smaller rope diameters. In addition, the synthetic-material fibres are dampproof – and there is no swelling and no decomposing. Many DRAKO governor ropes are also ­available in the galvanized design.


greater reliability and system availability

lower susceptibility to breakdown

reduced elongation with higher vertical rises

higher breaking strengths for reduced speed governor dimensions

length and form stability in all environments. 


preformed, ­prestretched, bright, galvanized on request, right hand, ­ordinary lay

Rope grades

1370/1770, 1570, 1770, 1960

Governor Ropes (steel ropes)

Governor Ropes (with Fibre Core)